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yes peace [userpic]
D.J. Grothe Interviews Richard Dawkins
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at October 21st, 2006 (01:00 am)

D.J. Grothe interviews evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins talks about his new best-selling book, The God Delusion, addressing challenges from his critics to his assertion that it is very unlikely that there is a God, and that religion is a form of child abuse, among other topics. He also addresses the question of whether science and religion are really at war.

Audio: Download MP3 (17.0 MB : 49:28)
The God Delusion Cover

book (memoir)
by trureader (trureader)
at September 16th, 2006 (08:48 pm)

-has anybody heard of the book "News Junkie". Put out by Process Media, that crazy publishing house that puts out weird books?....

yes peace [userpic]
Psychedelic Salon Podcast Listings
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at October 5th, 2006 (01:29 pm)

Psychedelic Salon Podcast Listings

Cool. Quite the collection.

yes peace [userpic]
Mel White Interview: Religion Gone Bad
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at September 22nd, 2006 (02:55 pm)

This sizzled my ears. Mel White, a gay evangelical who worked with the top leaders of the conservative Christian evangelical movement for 25 years as a pastor, filmmaker, and ghost writer for Billy Graham, Francis Schaffer, Jerry Falwell, & Pat Robertson. He discusses his insider experiences, the American decent into theocracy, and how to stop it.

Audio Link: Religion Gone Bad [9.20.06] (interview begins 6 min 15 secs into stream)

See also:

Religion Gone Bad: The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right by Mel White

Soulforce: Freedom for LGBT
Via YourCallRadio

yes peace [userpic]
My Country My Country
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at September 13th, 2006 (04:52 am)

My country, my country

"My Country My Country" opened in theaters last August 4th.

Filmmaker/Director Laura Poitras documents eight months in the life of a sunni Iraqi doctor and his family. Dr. Riyadh, a father of six, is trapped under the chaos and mayhem of the Bush/Blair occupation and attempting to deal with the cynicism and danger of the impending Iraqi elections. Very eye opening. Very humorous, scary, poignant, and very human. Definitely a film worthy of seeing.

It will appear on PBS on October 25th, 9pm.

ImageCollapse )

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen [userpic]
Reading for Radicals
by Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen (green_jenni)
at September 7th, 2006 (01:07 am)

Just came across this interesting reading list: Reading for Radicals

yes peace [userpic]
Legalize it
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at September 1st, 2006 (02:41 pm)

Norml interviews Rick Steves and Tommy ChongCollapse )

yes peace [userpic]
The Power Of Nightmares
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at August 19th, 2006 (07:54 pm)

Video: BBC "The Power Of Nightmares" - In three 1 hour segments. The rise of the politics of fear in the west and the east.

Good history of the rise of the neocons in the west and Islamic rule in the middle east embedded. Also, lots of Brian Eno music sprinkled throughout this one.

yes peace [userpic]
Nice Bombs Premiere
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at August 8th, 2006 (01:17 pm)

From an extraordinary director: habibi

2:10 minutes, DV, 2006

3733 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613

ChicagoUnderground Film Festival Opening Night film Nice Bombs with afterparty at Schubas featuring Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsys and Roommate.

see also: DanceHabibi.com

yes peace [userpic]
Sir No Sir
by yes peace (yes_justice)
at July 25th, 2006 (05:34 pm)

Are you or do you know someone serving who has served in the military since September 11, 2001? Are you or do you know someone serving in or in support of Iraq or Afghanistan?

For a limited time only IVAW and Displaced Films is proud to offer 500 free copies of Sir! No Sir! to members of the military who have served since 9/11/01.

This award winning documentary uncovers the untold story of the antiwar movement within the military during the Vietnam era. To learn more about the film and watch the trailer, go to www.sirnosir.com